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All good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something way better!

Last week, we launched a beautiful new sales platform for you: BOOSTERR. It’s another step in our master plan to fuel confident SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) with top salespeople in their industries.

You may have noticed us upgrading our service offers arsenal in the past year. We added more direct sales options to help you bring your business to the next level, a brand-new digital sales offering to help you gain more visibility and generate more qualified leads.

This wouldn’t be possible if we are not proposing an even-more open-sourced solution that can simply connect the right salesperson of the right industry with the right expertise to you.

If you are a salesperson with special expertise, willing to support SMEs in their growth, Boosterr gives you the visibility you’re looking for.

If you are a company with a great desire to expand, Boosterr provides you a tool to centralize all your sales activity in a single place.

Why did we decide to launch such a platform?

About a year ago, we have decided to start our journey by launching a new activity business named Sales Outsourcing Service. The value proposition is simple: “we sell on your behalf”. You are an SME and you are looking for a sales expert. Instead of assuming the cost of hiring, invest in a company that knows its business. On top, we are suggesting a pricing point at a low fixed rate plus a success fee. This guarantees to our client a certain level of activity and a willingness to conclude deals.

We signed up for the first clients in a matter of weeks and we started working to deliver. It worked very well. Their sales pipeline is increasing well and the first deals signed after 3 months for the quicker one and after 6 months for the longer one. All our clients are active in B2B and expect a sales cycle being in between 6 to 12 months.

When you are focusing to deliver for your existing clients, the only way to grow on our side is to hire salespeople as our book is growing. This is what we did and it works quite well. People management is obviously coming with ups and downs. Because of this, we had to refuse a large number of requests in the first place.

And that day came… a freelancer in the UK contacted us through our website and asked us if we have some work for him.

We did it and we learn how to work remotely. We also learned what rules to put in place to make it work.

What did we learn from that experience?

The first lesson is that we must put a process in place to ensure quality and expertise. Hence, we have implemented a 3 steps approach. When a salesperson is coming on, he is asked to fill a quick questionnaire (3 minutes) and the last question is related to references. We obviously guarantee data confidentiality, but this helps us in improving our targeting afterward. Then, we asked you to fill out your profile and we compare this with your Linkedin page. Finally, we reach out to you if we have special questions. Once done, you will have the freedom to create your jobs, missions, etc… You’ll see the number of options is incredible. We will also check them.

The second lesson is that we must also help SMEs in understanding what they need. Hence, we have developed a search engine allowing you to sort and filter in many ways. You also have the ability to search with tag words – that is a nice way to connect your brain with one of the sales guys. Lastly, if you don’t find what you want, you can also post a request. Your request will be shared among all salespeople that match your criteria and you’ll be able to judge them afterward.

The third lesson is that we, as a platform, should provide the tool to ease this interaction and be the judge in case of conflict. Thus, we have implemented a chat room to connect, a secure payment mechanism, a full review, and rating logic, and many more functions to make sure that all users can only focus on selling more!

Where are we now?

Time to spread the word out and make sure that we are never missing an opportunity to sell.

Happy browsing and speak to you all on


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