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The power of a sales pitch presentation!

sales pitch presentation

Let’s be direct: people don’t like salespeople and old-style sales pitch presentation. This is perhaps a natural human instinct: future prospects know they should keep their guard up when approached by someone with a sales pitch.

People are always suspicious when they’re asked for money. That being said, products and services continue to be sold every day. So it’s not that people have stopped listening to sales pitches, they’ve simply become smarter, more discerning customers.

The new generation forces salespeople to abandon traditional sales pitch presentation in favor of personalized and customized selling experiences. Thus, basic sales pitch decks that go for the hard sell are immediately dismissed. Instead, what prospects expect is a meaningful interaction with the seller.

Let us share with you some tricks:


 1. Capture attention!

To start, you need the ‘hook’ that catches your audience and push them into the rest of your presentation. The introduction has to be both engaging and compelling; if not, the audience will lose interest and just tune out.

A great hook must be simple because the details need to come later in the presentation. For instance, you can use an informative statistic or an inspiring question. The idea is that this appears on the cover slide or on the first introductory slide.

 2. Talk about benefits and not features

The presentation should include a statement of your core value proposition. This must explain the benefits that the customer will derive from using your solution and how the company is able to do this well.

What matters is to show that the company understands the customer’s problems and that it can provide the best solution. Keep it short and make sure it appears early on in the presentation.

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 3. Lead by example not a statement

You’ve mentioned in bold the problems your client is facing, you’ve discussed how you can help and how your client will benefit, now you need to back up your talk. This is time to give specific examples that prove you are in fact capable of delivering what you promise and have a track record of doing so.

You can share some positive experiences of current customers as it appears unbiased because of it. In the case of a new product with no users, you can include results of tests done by third parties or comparisons with competitor products.

 4. Focus on clients and do not drop the sale 

Like for startup pitch decks, the last slide should contain a “Validation Step”. This is also true for sales presentations. It is important to either open to the closing of the sale or at least leads the customer towards that result.

Ask a question, but any random question that comes to your head. You need to ask a very specific question such as: “Can you see how this process solves your problem?”

 5. Reinforce your message again at the very end

Not one sales deck template can be proven effective for all types of sales presentations. By nature, every customer,  company, product or service is different. A pitch should always be tailor-made to fit your audience.

This is why you always have to conclude your pitch by linking the client to your business. Doing so, you will tell them that “you want to work with them and not for them”.


Preparing a sales deck is a hard task, essential for any business meeting. At Sales Outsourcing Service, we help you with your pitch, and to get the prospect’s full attention.

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