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The Fintech Customer Acquisition Problem

Fintech Customer Acquisition

Fintech that serves other businesses face an embitter problem and you will be surprised to learn that few companies put as much effort into sales as they do on product and funding, especially in the B2B space.

The key factors to develop meaningful connections with the prospective clients are Credibility, Trust and Education but the huddles here are:

-Brand recognition is not strong for Fintech Startups. (Credibility)

-It’s hard to convince potential buyers to adopt an unfamiliar or unpredictable product. (Trust)

-Buyer education is required for innovative solutions- which sometimes your key prospects are lagging behind. (Education)


So, How to bridge the gap for Fintech Start-Ups? How to solve the Fintech customer acquisition problem?

Start helping your prospects with the problems your product is solving. For example, create content around the problem you are solving. Attract questions and discussions and then build from there.

Follow the 5 steps to educate your prospects and convert a lead to the Client.

1)Develop a great Website

2)SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential

3)Keep in contact with Emails

4)Get on Board with Social Media

5)Engage, Engage and Engage with Leads


FinTech customer acquisition problem is always going to be challenging. But by creating your strategy around the five practices as discussed above, you’re likely to see a massive boost in the numbers of new customers that you’re reaching.

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