As an SME, your number-one focus is consistent sales. Customer acquisition drives revenue, and revenue becomes your means of growth. Therefore, you are (hopefully) constantly evaluating how you will get your next customer.

Now you need to develop a Sales team to get leads and nurture them to clients. But you can also outsource the team. So, what should you do now?

Let’s analyze the bottom-line and compare the cost of the Sales Outsourcing vs In-House Sales Development Team.

Cost Analysis

Meet Max, he is the CEO of a company and needs to scale revenue and grow Sales. His company has a complex intangible solution and he believes to build sales development teams internally. It should be easy, right?


He thinks he can hire young fresh college graduates for about 3000euro/month. Not too shabby right? Well, he has a view added cost with posting Jobs, Interview and Training them how to execute.





Now, he prepares to welcome Sarina to the team and quickly realizes she needs a Laptop, Phone, Desk etc.





Wait, does Sarina know the CRM? But Sarina is a smart woman so she could understand the tool with trial and error method. But who should Sarina call?

Max decides to subscribe to a data source like so Sarina could do her own list of prospects. Surely, the data is going to be 100% clean with company name, email address, and Phone number.





Now, Sarina is asking how to Administer, Organize and Distribute the database in her CRM?

Max wonders if someone has already figured out how to segment this information for better-measured outcomes. He worries every lead will be treated in the same way. Maybe, Sarina can figure out this too.

Well, she has figured out some of the good leads. It’s getting difficult for Max to analyze the map behind Sarina’s productivity and how to make it scalable for the business.





Max wonders how many calls Sarina should be taking per day and how many calls should it take to make a qualified appointment. Does this differ by lead source or messaging quality?

He realizes it’s not a scalable process and he needs to start over all again if Sarina leaves.





There has to be a better way, Max wonders if someone can manage all this for him?

Here comes the Sales Outsourcing Service to help Max with starting price of just 2500/per month.

What do you think? Which is better?

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