I have over 15 years of experience in sales and if you want to get a sale done quickly, you better know how to generate leads. Let me share with you a free template that helps in cold emails.

Of course, you can use FiverrUpworkforhire or slavelabour. These sites allow you to post requests. That’s the easiest way because you can put instructions in your post and get the work done by other people. You might be satisfied if you find the right sales experts. You might be unsatisfied and waste money for nothing.

Let me show you exactly how I do it.

Step 1: Create an Excel Sheet

Put 6 key categories. They are company, website, name, email, portfolio item (the best company the prospect worked with), and channel (where he found the prospect).

Here’s what it looks like.


Step 2: Find the Right Channel

Go to where your customers are. If your customers are B2B, go to B2B channel. If they’re on Twitter, go to Twitter. LinkedIn, Facebook and Slack are also particularly effective for B2B sales. If you need more inspiration, contact us. I am sure you will be able to list at least 15 places to find B2B leads. If you are outsourcing, make sure your freelancer keeps track of where they found each client. It will help to personalize your cold email down the line.

Step 3: Fill in the Remaining Data

Once you have their website, you can find their data. The company name and the URL are on the homepage. The owner’s name will be on the home page, the about page, or a linked social media account. Companies they worked with are rather easy-to-find too. They should be on the home page or customer page. This step isn’t complex, but it takes hefty spadework. The email is usually on the website too. Follow the next step if it’s not.

Some companies hide their email address because they fear annoying spam. You have two ways to unearth an email if it’s not on a prospect’s website. The easiest way is to use Hunter.io to find it. Lastly, you can use AnyMail Finder. It’s paid software (after 20 free credits), but it finds the trickiest email addresses.

Step 4: Get a Free Template for Cold Emails

Cold emails are best when personalized. I got a response rate of 15% with this strategy, which is impressive for B2B cold email. Please find a free template for cold emails:

Download Word Version

Do you see the fluid touch points? Each company receives specific info. This makes the email much more personal, and it skyrockets your reply rate.

Step 5: Run a Script

Your virtual assistant could send the emails one by one, copying the unique information in each new send. Fortunately, there’s a better way. You can use an email script; it allows you to send out bulk- and personalized- email quickly. Here’s a tutorial for that.

Step 6: Make Sure All the Replies Are Forwarded to You

If you use a freelancer, they may use their own email account. Alternatively, you may use an alternate domain for cold emailing. Of course, you can use your domain too. Whatever you do, make sure the replies end up in your central inbox. This is rather self-evident, but it’s a vital step.

Can I Stop Here?

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