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Writing a cold calling script means understanding your purpose for calling, crafting a compelling introduction, and making a personal connection. We like to use scripts to better connect with prospects and let them focus on the conversation. I will share here with you free cold calling script templates that you can then adapt to special situations.

Actually, I’ve created three main templates that you can use to make your cold calling less stressful and more effective. Feel free to use them as they are or modify them to fit your sales process.

To make these templates more useful, they include sample language that you can edit based on your circumstances or the individual prospect you are calling. Brackets are used to indicate text that you should customize for each call, while the sample phrases are there to give you an idea of the flow of the conversation.

Script 1: Get a meeting

This call script can be used for a cold call to gain a meeting when you don’t have another initiating event to prompt a call. The purpose of this script is to make an initial contact and schedule a face-to-face meeting or future phone conversation when you don’t have any personal connection to your prospect.

Ideally, run some research in advance and see if you can find a mutual professional connection you could ask for a referral. This can help increase the personal connection and makes your communication seem more natural. This situation is actually the hardest one, so the more information you get on the prospect, the easier will be the call.

Meeting Script

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Script 2: Use a referral

Referrals are always the best way to transform a cold call into a warm call. While the prospect may still not be expecting your call, you’ll have a natural way to personalize the call with the mutual connection you share. This is why it’s worth spending a little time in advance to research your prospects. You’ll often find that you share professional acquaintances or other connections that can be a valuable source of a referral.

You can also use this script when you previously spoke with a receptionist who gave you the information of the person to speak with at their company. Regardless of how you got here, this is easily the most effective type of cold call, and it’s worth the effort to try to turn every call with a new prospect into a referral call. In fact, when I was junior sales with StatPro, I’d often try to get the assistant first, just so I could use this script when finally calling my prospect.

Referral Script

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Script 3: Create rareness

Create rareness is always a good way of capturing people attention. This script is what you use when you want to us a compelling reason to reach out as a result of a special or limited time offer. One of the most important factors of this script is to create a dialogue that engages the prospect without making your call seem like spam. The special offer should be as relevant as possible, based on your previous research, and the goal shouldn’t be to make a sale but to start a conversation.

You have to be prepared for this one. People will never stop you during the first part and this is just because you are playing on their curiosity part. If you play smart then, you will get your meeting all the time.

Magic Script

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Your Own Script

You will understand that the framework is often the same and you just have to vary the content based on your audience and the hook! Download your “Free Cold Calling Script Templates” and customize them to your needs.

The hook is essential when you “cold” call. It consists in finding the right approach that will give you the possibility to say who you are and what you want.

I’ve using this technic for years now and it works pretty well. You will see that over time, you’ll get your network and be able to talk to anyone in your sector that at least have one direct contact with you.

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