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Fintech: be quicker to market by outsourcing sales and marketing

sales outsourcing

18 months ago, we started a “Sales Outsourcing Service” business called SOS to deliver sales and marketing support to Fintech. The vision for SOS was to build a massive community of senior sales and marketing people and empower fintech and financial services around the world to solicit that community in order to scale faster and at a flexible cost.

Think Microsoft Azure for Sales and Marketing.

Our mission was simple:
Never again should a fintech fail because of a lack of sales and marketing.

We started pitching our idea at the “startup stories“, connecting massively with top sales talent on LinkedIn, opening a new market and signing up clients within the first few weeks. It was clear that there was a massive demand for this service out there. What wasn’t clear was what kind of marketplace we would have to use to make this whole sales operation work smoothly.

We looked at various options such as CRM system, open-sourced marketplace technologies and came back incredibly disappointed. There are tons of CRMs and none of them is fully taking care of people’s interaction. Basically, nothing out there was designed to actually help you sell more successfully.

Hence after a lot of effort and frustration, we decided to fix the problem instead of complaining about it and we started developing our own sales and marketing marketplace.

We decided to start our next tech project to connect fintech and sales.

Nobody had ever been in a better position to develop next-generation fintech sales and marketing network since we had a few unfair competitive advantages, we:

  • are both salespeople and marketers in the founding team
  • ran a sales outsourcing and consultancy firm for fintech empowering us to test our marketplace in all kinds of different use cases
  • had a clear and distinct philosophy and vision for the solution

But this is not sufficient. We’d like to put in stone these 3 pillars:

  1. It had to be simple to use
  2. It had to be restricted to only top sales and marketers with clarity of experience, expertise, and network
  3. It had to be focused on the #1 priority in sales: deliver numbers!

We wanted to build a marketplace that sales freelancers would actually love. We wanted to build something WE WILL USE DAILY.

It took about 12 months of permanent talking with our existing clients and freelancers to create a solution that fits both needs and requirements and create something truly special.

During that period we grow our sales and marketing team to serve more fintech and generated an unbelievable number of leads and turn them to contract. How? We manage the entire sales process from the lead generation to the closing and we work as a team. ALWAYS PUT THE BEST RESOURCE at THE BEST TASK.

We are assigning the right resource at the right task. This means be specialized in your field and get to know your market better and most importantly work as a team.

We knew we had a huge winner when we suddenly started to get more and more demand from other people who wanted to use our services. We are simply coordinating sales and marketers across the globe to split the sales tasks and assign them to the right people. Our methodology is our SECRET SUCCESS.

Never again should a fintech fail because of a lack of sales and marketing.

Today, we use our MVPs for Sales Outsourcing Service and we are on our way to leave it open to every sales and marketers and Fintech to connect.

But how exactly does that affect you?

sales outsourcing

There are 4 reasons why Sales Outsourcing Service will help your fintech Close More Deals & Make More Sales:

1) Someone somewhere has already done the job

Everything starts by understanding your audience. We get access to the magic contact list that can buy your product or services. We are doing this connection for you.

2) Technology enables you to track people for better results

We are leveraging on our growth hacking marketing team to use the best tools available on the market to create a sales funnel that tracks every single communication we are engaging with your audience.

3) Closing is ESSENTIAL

To be able to close a deal, you need the best salespeople. Someone that knows your market, knows the people and masters the sales process. There are very few and they are always expensive. We use this resource only for this phase and make it fully efficient.

4) We deliver full TRANSPARENCY on the entire process

Our methodology is traceable and at every step of the sales process, we are delivering live data so that you know where we stand and how quickly we are progressing on every single opportunity.

If you are a Fintech, reach out to us. We’re here to help. 

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