Email Marketing for Fintech

In 2019, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024. It’s safe to say that people check their inbox pretty frequently. Also this day and age, email is a tentpole marketing channel for any industry.

But more specifically, email marketing for FinTech especially when personalized.

According to an Epsilon report from 2018, 89% of consumers would be more likely to do business with a web or app-based financial provider if it offered personalized experiences. When asked how they’d prefer to receive personalized experiences, 55% responded their most preferred channel would be email, which led all others.

In other words? Personalized email marketing is a top performer among both mobile/app and lobby-loving financial consumers.


To set up a personalized Email Campaign the Goal should be very Clear. The purpose of an email campaign strategy is to have best practices in place:


  1. As a mean to communicate pertinent and relevant messages to an audience
  2. Enhance the relationship with current, previous, or potential clients
  3. Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business
  4. Increase brand awareness

After understanding the goals we need to decide what type of campaign you want to design and make your Email marketing for Fintech more clickable.

Drip vs. Broadcast Campaigns

Drip campaigns

These are automated to send out a certain amount of time after a person signs up/subscribes to a list or based on another trigger. The automation is based on specific triggers and user segments that you get to define. Drip campaigns can be ideal for an initial sign up and personally speaking Sales Outsourcing Service follows the Drip Email Strategy.

Broadcast campaigns

These emails are sent at a specific time and target a specific market or audience. Broadcast campaigns are useful to disseminate information on special promotions, events, offers, or other time-sensitive matters.


From here, you essentially need to run this as a true email marketing campaign. Because every company, technology, and the product are different so if you’re having issues with ongoing marketing needs… contact us.