Direct sales outsourcing.

You don't find salespeople to grow your business?
Try our direct outsourcing solution!

Hero of Employe

According to the latest reports, 37% of global Financial services institutions say they have a top fintech product (including Regtech, Insurtech, Payment & financial services...) or service available for customers, 22% say they are at pilot stage, and 40% are at either research or development. It is time to have your brand known to these institutions now!

We specialise in banking, Finance & Fintech

Do you need access to financial institutions?
Do you need salespeople with a financial background?
Do you consider your solution as highly Technical?

Choose the best combination of expertise

Imagine having access to senior salespeople with a knowledge in the complex financial world. Blockchain, Local Regulators (ESMA, CSSF, AMF, FCA, etc...), AIFMD, UCITS, PSD2, Management Company, Family Office & Private Banking.

We take care of selling your business to the financial world.
You focus on your core business.


Outsourced direct sales

Do you need to hire sales people?
Do you need to actively train salespeople?
Do you need to monitor, evaluate
and analyze your sales activity?

Choose outsourcing of your direct sales!

Imagine having at your disposal specialized sales professionals who know exactly what to do and who are all ready to get started after very brief training on your product or services.

We take care of selling your business.
You focus on your core business.

Access companies

Is your company database no longer reliable?
Do you need to reassess your contact list?
Do you need to contact more people in their organization?

Ask your SOS direct sales team!

Imagine having access to experienced sales experts that can leverage on their strong sales network to identify the right contact in your target organization.

You tell us the company to target.
We identify the right contact.
We take care of selling your business.
You focus on your core business.


Cold calling

Do you need a sales team properly trained to do cold calling?
Do you have a contact list but cannot make it work?
Do you want to turn a cold lead into a warm call?

Trust your SOS direct sales team!

Imagine having multi-lingual sales professionals that are doing that every day at disposal of your business.

You tell who you want to meet.
We make it happen.

Sales Outsourcing Service?

Hiring new sales member always involve an element of surprise, investments without return, cost of training, unsustainable contractual ties? With our SOS team all this will be nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Leverage on your SOS direct sales team!