Content Marketing for fintech

The role of content is crucial in nearly every sector of society.

When talking about the Fintech, we often think in terms of money signs and spreadsheets. However, the content often must be even more specific, with keen attention to details. Every sector has its uniqueness and it is no different for financial services. Even though the process of setting up the right content marketing strategy is the same as it is for other business, there are certain scenarios to consider in finances.

There are some great examples of fintech content marketing in action. Some fintech companies create strong content hubs, offering multi-media educational opportunities to prospective customers. Others use compelling infographics to help customers understand the benefits in a clear, straightforward manner. One thing they all have in common is a focus on the customer and a mission to provide informational, relevant, and useful content.


Betterment does a great job of customer-centric fintech content marketing. Their resource center offers to invest 101 tips, advanced investing information, published research, and tools and calculators. Also in addition to offering tools and advice, they have podcasts where industry experts discuss different trending topics and provide insights.


Ally offers education through its community centered around financial well-being. Called “Do It Right”, the resource center offers educational content around topics like life, money, car, home, and trends. It allows users to customize their dashboard, checking only the topics they’re interested in so they can get streamlined insights on future visits.


Acorns’ publication, Grow , goes a step beyond what you might consider a blog. They aren’t just posting industry insights and re-hashing the same old tips and tricks that you would find in most FinTech content. They are storytelling from a journalistic approach. All of that, with the professional polish of a professional digital magazine. Acorns’ Grow is an excellent example of what high-level content marketing can look like.


Here are the best content marketing for fintech growth hacks you can incorporate to improve your conversion rates:

Create High-Quality Content Assets for Download

For B2B fintech, lead generation is key. Effective lead generation is built on even trades: your audience gets a useful piece of content in exchange for providing their name, email address, and possibly a phone number.

Whether you work with an agency or contract out this important work to an agency, get it done. Some ideas for building high-quality downloadable assets:

     Highlight Key Data in Infographics

    Ensure Landing Pages are On Point

    Nurture Leads

The visitor has filled out the form and downloaded the asset. All done, right? Wrong. Now that you have an email address, send these visitors a drip sequence of emails over a couple of weeks

Guest Blogging

Submit blog posts for placement on complementary blogs and publications with high domain authority. This type of outreach can present your high-quality thought leadership to new and unique audiences. In addition to expanding the reach of your content marketing, it has excellent benefits for SEO. The backlinks earned from sharing your content on high-authority sites make you more relevant, and subsequently more findable by people searching online.

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