Sales Outsourcing Service
does not tell you to hire people,
SOS sells for you!

We are a team of professionals with decades of experience who actively seek out customers every day. SOS is based on a very simple cost:

We manage your sales for a fraction of the cost of hiring!

40. Growing Up

Why choose SOS?

Because hiring a salesperson is a great responsibility and often, it does not work out the way we want.
Because companies need to grow fast, without having to worry about benefits, holidays, contractual constraints, focusing instead on the business' need to invoice.

« There is a way to grow fast by renting a sales team and our customers know this... »

We are using a proven methodology that applies to all sectors. Our process is based on success!

Our methodology



Understand your business inside out to give you a clear picture of how best to approach the sales process that will maximise your return.

customer survey
business plan



Create a sales plan of action that fits with your business needs.



This is where the magic happens! We carry out the finalised plans and you can leave all the hard work to us.

setup wizard



We provide you with reports on our progress and deliver results of the finalized sales leads.

SOS simplifies the concept of ROI

We are not a company that tells you how to sell, we do not hold seminars.
We know the dynamics of customer acquisition process and we sell for you!