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4 reasons to use sales outsourcing to reach new markets

reach new markets

Are you a start-up struggling to reach new markets? Either you are in Luxembourg wanting to expand to more European countries, or you are somewhere else in Europe and want to reach the Luxembourgish market.

One solution to do that would be to outsource your sales force, which has several main advantages:


  • Complete service and quick start:

With sales outsourcing, you can start on day one. The service is operational from the start and doesn’t need training.

When you hire salespeople to join your team, it might take a while to find the right person. And then to train them and make sure they are comfortable with your product.

Let’s not forget: “someone, somewhere, has already done the work”. You can leverage with existing resources: professionals that already know the market you are trying to reach and the product you are selling.


  • Local expertise & flexibility:

If you want to extend to a new market, working with people locally is usually the best way to go.reach new markets

Does the country have local business regulations? Do you speak the language? A firm with established business networks and expertise already know all those features.


When working with an outsourcing sales company, you have more flexibility than hiring your own salespeople. What if the market collapses, or you only needed to try and maybe fail in a new market?

An outsourced sales partner has more flexibility if the business circumstances change.


  • Efficiency, scalability & cost:

save moneyKnowing the right language and being physically closer to the market facilitates new customer acquisition. Sales outsourcing is a way to grow at a lower cost, especially in the beginning when you want to have your operational costs as low as possible.

Another advantage would be having someone physically in that market, without having to pay for an office there or the burden of taxation.

Do you have a meeting with a potential customer in another country? Let your outsourced sales manager take care of the pitch and meeting for you and save money on the travel expenses.



  • Go digital:

Reaching new markets can be done with digital marketing. It is essential in today’s business world. It goes from simple things such as having a mobile-friendly website, to building a brand and create a positive reputation online.

Going digital could be your entry point for reaching new markets. Word-of-mouth is never enough to promote your brand because your top competitors will most likely already be in those markets.

Digital marketing can provide a global version of word-of-mouth.

Before introducing your brand or products to the market, it’s important to already have a brand image on social media or a powerful website.

Showing up unnoticed to convince someone to buy your product is often more expensive and less productive than bringing the customer into your community.

go digital


At Sales Outsourcing Service, we can do it for you. Contact us for more details!

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