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3 Step Guide to Marketing during 2020 crisis

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With the new restrictions evolving, people find themselves working from home. Business is slowing down, but not stopping. Time to invest in digital marketing!

Since the beginning of the outbreak, e-commerce websites have seen a boost in their sales. This means that people, now being stuck inside their homes, are more active online.

Digital marketing doesn’t require any face-to-face interaction. You can use Digital Marketing to target your audience, and you can reach more people digitally than directly. From your own home, you can reach people globally with a measurable Return on Investment. You can go back to every marketing activity you have done and see which generates the highest number of leads, and at what cost.

Follow the 3 Step Guide to Market your brand now.

1.Review your marketing strategy:

Now might be the time to rethink your website design, update your SEO and or set up marketing campaigns. Make sure to review all your past efforts to see which had the best outcome, and which have to be revised.

2.Review your content:

Here are a few ideas on what to do now:

  • Website content: with your website design, think also of the content(articles, newsletters). Make it as SEO-friendly as possible and target your audience if you can.
  • Start an Email campaign with content that educates your customer about the product rather than pushing for a sale.
  • Videos: An image is worth a thousand words, so a video is even better! 72% of businesses have said that video content has increased their conversion rate. Create some videos now, and have them ready to post.


3.Boost your social media presence:

Focus on your brand image. Businesses everywhere have seen a decline in conversions on their ads. It would be wise to adjust the budget to a minimum and work on brand awareness. Brand awareness is how customers will remember you, especially now. It is an essential part of strategy development.

Use your social media accounts to create a community. Having a community is a long-term investment.


At Sales Outsourcing Service, we can help you work on your digital marketing strategy.

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