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on your behalf.

In the Fintech world, 2019 has been a year of mega-deals and 2020 will continue on the same trend.

Awareness, adoption and investment in the global fintech scene have all exploded over the past five years. Are you looking for new opportunities, areas of growth to face the emerging challenges facing the Fintech industry?

Your Sales Outsourcing for a monthly fee!


We are a sales outsourcing services that represents your Fintech and business by managing all your sales processes and requirements.

Sales experts in Financial services that deliver sales results for your business growth!


Delivering results and analytics on who your potential customers are through lead generation campaigns with a focus on conversions.

business deal

We work on getting in touch with qualified leads with a focus on B2B. Delivering your business potential clients and supporting through to the final signup.


We open doors and close deals!

Speed to Market Sales

Be ready to launch in 30 days or less

so you never miss market opportunities

Speed to Market

Cost Saving Outsourcing

Save on internal hiring costs.

Access to experts for a fraction of the cost.

Cost Saving

Peace of Mind Sales

More than 20 years of experience in Finance.

Generated €500m in total sales.

Peace of Mind

Are you looking for salespeople for your company but you didn't find a fit?

SOS is a team of sales experts with decades of experience in Finance who actively seek out customers every day.

The sales team you have always wanted for a monthly fee.

Sales Outsourcing Service?

Hiring new sales member always involve an element of surprise, investments without return, cost of training, unsustainable contractual ties? With our SOS team all this will be nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Leverage on your SOS direct sales team!